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Pricing Guide

I want my portraits to last for many years to come, so the panel I use is a professional quality acid-free gesso board 1/8" thick. This gives me a perfect texture to give perfect detail

Square 6" x 6" Board *

A small but perfectly formed little portrait. High in detail but tiny in size.


16" x 20" Board

The largest of the standard sizes. Perfect for full body or a double portrait

From £1500

Square 8" x 8" Board *

Slightly larger than the 6" x 6" but with a little more impact


Stretched Canvasses

I can also create a portrait for you, on a stretched canvas for you.

Price depends on size and subject. Contact me with you requirement for a quote

12" x 16" Board

More suitable for a full body portrait. This is my most popular size 

From £1100

Drawings and Pastels

I am not currently offering drawings or pastels at the moment as I am not offering framing. If this is something you really  want you can send me a message and I can try and help

Guide to pricing

These quoted prices are for my standard size oil portraits of people as well as pets. These sizes have proved very popular, with my customers, for many years. I offer portraits unframed, this allows the customer the freedom to personalise the portrait with a frame of their choice.

If you would like a double portrait (two subjects on one painting) an extra 75% will be added to the final price.

*Small sizes 6" and 8" square boards are not suitable for double portraits

Special requests

In addition to the standard sized painting panel I can offer bespoke works on other surfaces such as stretched canvass and aluminium. Please contact me with you requirements for a quote

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